Golf socks – not just a question of optics?

Anyone who runs the golf sport knows that here, as with any sport, the right outfit must be chosen. But especially the golf socks are important,so that a golfer on the golf course also feels comfortable.

Because this is a sport that has gone and stood up a lot.

This means that if the golf socks are not chosen appropriately, there can be pain, friction or even blistering on the feet. With the matching golf socks, however, which were designed exactly for this sport, even long walking and standing can not affect the foot.

The underrated accessory, the golf socks

Whether rain, wind or sun,depending on the weather prevails at the golf round, the golfer prepares with the appropriate clothes. In wet weather, rain hats, umbrellas, rain suits and waterproof shoes are used. If, on the other hand, the sun laughs unhindered from the sky, light shoes and polo shirts as well as shorts are taken out of the closet.

Golf socks are the link between golf shoe and foot

Unfortunately, however, hardly any golfer thinks of the matching socks. But this is an unforgivable mistake, because the golf socks are the link between golf shoe and foot and must therefore be absolutely comfortable and precise. Just as a golf shoe is carefully selected, because golf is a sport predominantly in standing and walking on the feet, the golf socks should also be considered.

After all, what is the point of a perfect golf shoe,which provides stability for the optimal golf swing, if this power transmission does not work due to a poorly fitting and labyrinthine golf socks? Therefore, the golf socks must also be precisely tailored so that they can guarantee and support the power transfer from the shoe to the foot.

The exchange of fluids as well as the climate management are absolutely important here, because a sweat-wet foot is not only unpleasant, it can also cause illnesses and above all, what is very important, distract the golfer from his victory.

Golf socks should have the right fit

The golf socks should therefore have the right fit, which above all also offer a padding on the heels and soles. Also the toes should not be narrowed when wearing. For example, such golf socks from standardized sports manufacturers are designed to adapt to the shape of the foot and are well padded and do not interfere with seams, especially in the important places where the shoe often rubs on the feet. So the golf socks must be able to hold the foot perfectly, so that it is also held in the shoe.

Especially the bands,which can easily overstretch during the sport, are supported by the specially designed golf socks. And also the often vulnerable, because very stressed ankles get the right hold in the shoe thanks to the specially made golf sock. In particular, golf socks have the task of dampening, cushioning, not slipping, not lacing and not pressing, but still sitting so tightlythat they can support.

The right material for the perfect golf sock

The golf socks must above all be first class and made only from the best materials. For example, high or thick seams must not occur in processing at all, because they could support a bubble formation on the foot, but at least friction is always present in such a case.

This is not only painful for the golfer, but also distracts him from his game. Especially in the bale and heel area as well as on the shaft, golf socks require a soft padding in order to be able to cushion firm kicks and strokes. In addition, only materials that allow good ventilation and climate regulation in the shoe may be used for golf socks.

Cool in summer, warm in winter

Golf is a sport for every season. And that’s why the golf socks have to be made accordingly, because they are required a lot. How they should:

  1. warm your feet in winter
  2. Keep dry in the rain
  3. and in summer, the feet should not sweat in the socks and shoes.

Depending on the current weather, the golf socks have to adapt.

The golf sock is cooling or warming, especially depending on the weather, but always antibacterial and breathable. The materials are preferably wool, cotton or mixed fabrics, but always natural and without chemical additives.

Design and colour must also be right

Many different manufacturers are now available for golf socks. Because they, too, have realized that in addition to the absolute functionality, the design and the color must also be right. So you can always choose the right socks to match the rest of the golf outfit. Nevertheless, the golf socks are not only chic and make something, they are also practical and especially made for the demands of the feet in golf.

So there are golf socks in short, medium or long as well as in many different colors. After all, golf has long since become a popular sport that many young people also practice. And so, here, youth and age must be addressed equally with the different models.

Professional sport with competition or hobby, the socks must sit

It is also irrelevant whether golf is carried out as a professional sport with competitions or simply as a hobby. Even if the golf clothing does not always correspond to the statutes of the sport, this is also irrelevant. However, it is always important that the golf socks and the golf shoes are well selected so that they can carry the golfer for miles over the course and this in wind and weather.

Because the right footwear as well as the right socks are the be-all and end-all in this sport. If the foot is not held optimally here, which is not only given by the golf shoe, but is also dependent on the golf socks in detail, then the athlete can get problems here not only with his handicap but also with his feet and legs. Therefore, it is important that amateur and professional athletes rely on the right socks.

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