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Stockings by Danish Endurance from juelsminde, Denmark.

Danish Endurance is a Danish family business based in Juelsminde. The young company was founded in 2015. The founder and CEO Nicolaj is an avid marathon runner and for years simply did not find optimal compression socks. For this reason, he decided to set up Danish Endurance to develop his own socks.

The fact that it is a family business can be seen in the co-founder Christoffer (brother of Nicolaj and long-time outdoor enthusiast) and by the family mindset of the company.

The team behind Danisch Endurance stands for attention to detail

Over the years, the Danish Endurance brand has grown steadily and now the dedicated international team has a headquarters in Copenhagen and Gramrode. Nevertheless, attention to detail is always in the foreground, because every single step of the production process – from the idea, through development and design, to production – is monitored by Danish Endurance.

The focus is on the customer and the existing products are continuously improved. In addition, Danish Endurance is constantly developing new products that optimally support the wearers in their sporting projects.

Socks for the wide and top sport

In product development, the company works closely with outdoor specialists and Olympic athletes. Danish Endurance products are put to the test not only in daily training, but also in regular competitions.

Thanks to the close cooperation with numerous professional athletes, the socks can be continuously improved and optimized for many different purposes, such as hiking, running, cycling,football and triathlon. The socks are made exclusively in Europe and have a striking Danish design that exudes simple power and elegance. All designs come from the Copenhagen office.

The products are characterized by high-quality seams as well as functional properties. They are durable and optimally support the respective training programs.

The compression stockings of Dansih Endurance

The Danish Endurance brand compression stockings go up to the knee. As a result, the stockings significantly increase blood circulation in the area of the calves. Thanks to optimal blood circulation, the wearers benefit from improved performance and noticeable relief from pain and swelling. Furthermore, improved blood circulation ensures a faster recovery.

The compression stockings are suitable for women and men and allow optimal calf compression (from 18 to 21 mmHg) on the legs. Through continuous compression, Danish Endurance socks help to pump blood through the legs, clean it at the same time and provide it with the necessary oxygen. Thanks to an antibacterial yarn and high-quality seams, the compression stockings are durable, breathable and offer a high wearing comfort.

Like all other socks of the Danish Endurance brand, the Oeko-Tex compression stockings are certified and free of harmful substances. The compression stockings can be used in many ways.

If they are worn as sports socks, they increase performance in training and also accelerate recovery after each individual training session. The socks are suitable for all common sports and outdoor activities, such as cycling, running, marathon, triathlon, football, fitness, skiing, rugby and hiking. In addition, the compression stockings are an ideal companion for longer trips or flights, for people who have to stand a lot throughout the day or for patients recovering from injuries or surgeries. Thanks to the unique organic cotton, swollen or aching legs are a thing of the past.

Compression stockings that fit easily.

Danish Endurance compression stockings are available in 5 different colours and in 3 different size ranges.

The fine-woven ankle area automatically adopts an optimal, anatomical fit. This guarantees a perfect, individual fit. The socks can neither slide down nor can the unpleasant cloth balls bind. This prevents the formation of bubbles.

The ribbed, soft flex ankle zone optimally supports the ankles and the high-density fabric has a significantly higher needle number than comparable socks. The 168 needles make the socks comfortable, durable and customizable. The technical ventilation fields can optimally transport the sweat to the outside and regulate the temperature. This makes the wearer’s feet feel fresh, cool and dry over a long period of time.

Danish Endurance compression stockings absorb moisture, are breathable and provide rapid evaporation.

The Merino hiking socks by Danish Endurance

The Merino hiking socks from Danish Endurance are suitable for any kind of outdoor adventure. They are available in 6 different colours and in several sizes and can be worn by women, men and children. Thanks to the high-quality merino wool, the stockings feel pleasantly soft on human skin.

The wool ensures that all sweat is quickly directed outwards and can evaporate immediately there. This allows the feet to remain dry and warm for an extended period of time. Thanks to the targeted ventilation zones, a constant air circulation is guaranteed.

The padding goes from the heel to the toes. It enables reliable absorption of shocks and minimisation of abrasion points.

All materials of the hiking socks are pollutant-free and Oeko-Tex certified. Thanks to an optimal combination of functionality and modern design, the Merino hiking socks are suitable for all outdoor activities. Among other things, the socks of the Danish Endurance brand can be worn during trekking, hiking, backpacking, on long walks and on larger trips in autumn, winter, spring and summer.

Whether for everyday life or the big tour

Of course, the Merino hiking socks are suitable as warm wool socks for everyday use. The flat Lin-Toe seam provides a comfortable feel and prevents irritating friction. With 120 needles, the high-density fabric has a high mesh density and this makes the socks more comfortable and durable.

In addition, the Merino hiking socks adapt individually to the foot shape without denting. In the upper part of the socks there is a ribbed support waistband and this fits individually to each foot shape. As a result, the socks cannot slide down, nor can the unpleasant cloth balls form.

This combination prevents the formation of bubbles. The upholstery in the area of heels and toes ensures a comfortable and warm wearing feeling. The Merino hiking socks from Danish Endurance are available in classic (for colder temperatures) and Light (for milder temperatures).

The outdoor socks by Dansih Endurance

Thanks to the close cooperation with professional athletes and experienced outdoor specialists, the outdoor socks can be continuously improved and always adapted to the growing needs. In its own online shop, the Danish company sells outdoor socks for all common sports and activities, such as mountaineering, hiking, skiing, cycling and running.

The Alpine Performance ski socks are the ideal companion for an extensive ski tour in the mountains. They are available in many bright and unobtrusive colours as well as in all common sizes. The outdoor socks from Danish Endurance reliably absorb the sweat and ensure pleasant, dry feet at all times.

Thanks to the integrated ventilation zones, the carriers benefit from optimal air circulation. A special padding, which goes from the heel to the toes, protects and stabilizes the feet. Thanks to the special padding in the shin area, the legs are protected from unpleasant shocks and frictions in the shoes. The outdoor socks from Danish Endurance noticeably reduce friction in all shoes, such as hiking boots, snowboard boots and ski boots.

Öko-Tex tested materials and worldwide tests

They are also Oeko-Tex certified and free of all pollutants. High-quality merino wool is used as a material and this ensures dry and warm feet. The Alpine Performance ski socks are suitable for men and women and feel very light on the skin thanks to the mixed merino wool.

Outdoor enthusiasts looking for warm socks with an integrated insect repellent will definitely find something suitable at Danish Endurance. The Merino Anti-Zecken outdoor socks have a particularly strong insect repellent due to specially treated yarns.

The socks are made of high-quality merino wool and this keeps the feet dry and warm even under extreme conditions. The socks are the perfect companion for any hike or trekking tour. All outdoor socks of the Danish Endurance brand have been tested several times under extreme conditions.

Among other things, the socks on the feet of experienced outdoor specialists have traveled to the world-famous Yukon River in Alaska and over the Greenland ice floes. The outdoor socks were tested on Mount Everest in 2019 and will travel to Tokyo for the Olympics in 2020.

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