Guide to snowboard socks – why the right choice is so important

If you enjoy snowboarding or are planning to start snowboarding, you should definitely think about the right socks. Of course, everyone thinks of the board and the shoes first, but without them matching socks you will hardly be able to enjoy the time in the snow. Because with normal everyday socks you won’t get very far on the slopes. We’ll tell you what to look for when buying, which materials are right and why it makes sense to sometimes spend more Snowboard socks to spend.

Why do normal socks fail in snowboard boots?

Of course, you ask yourself why you are spending money on special snowboard socks should spend when you have a large selection of different socks in your closet. So what is the difference between real snowboard socks and the normal everyday socks in your closet? First of all, probably the length.

Because snowboard socks are so long that, ideally, they entire snowboard boot cover so that you don’t get any pressure points from the boat on your leg. In addition, snowboard socks generally do not have any seams that the foot can rub and chafe against if it is stressed on the slopes all day. In addition, most have high-quality snowboard socks Reinforcements incorporated , which not only protect you from pressure points, but above all also ensure more stability and thus security.

Lastly, snowboard socks are made from made of special materials . These ensure that your feet do not get cold while snowboarding and still do not sweat too much. Even high-quality everyday socks cannot meet these requirements.

Do I really have to spend so much money just on socks?

Sure, snowboard socks are not necessarily cheap. For a pair of socks you pay between 10 and 40 euros if you want it to be real quality. You naturally wonder whether such an investment is worthwhile. After a long day on the board with the wrong socks at the latest, most snowboarders decide to make this investment and thus actively protect their own feet.

Just think how annoying it is when you have to spend half of the day on the board with your socks and feet instead of sliding through the snow. Since the snowboard socks are usually very robust, you can usually wear them for a long time. This means that you don’t have to buy a lot of snowboard socks and that the investment costs are limited.

Your feet will definitely thank you for this investment.

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Which materials are often used, which are the best?

The most commonly used material in Snowboard socks are made of merino wool . It is a special sheep’s wool, which is particularly breathable and gives off a lot of warmth. So the feet in the socks not only stay warm, but also dry.

It also offers Merino wool yet another distinct advantage. The material hardly absorbs any odors, so that the snowboard socks hardly smell even after a long day on the slopes and can therefore be handled more pleasantly. Other materials are different synthetic fibers, which have a similar effect to merino wool, but do not quite come close to their efficiency. Special hollow fibers are also used, which, due to their properties, both the feet cool as well as warm can.

Silk is also often used in the snowboard socks of various manufacturers because they have the Long-term positive influence on wearing comfort and also contributes to temperature regulation. In any case, make sure that the socks for snowboarding are one if possible high proportion of merino wool or contained in similar synthetic fibers.

The functions of snowboard socks – cushioning, reinforcement, perfect fit

Due to the design of the snowboard boots, the snowboard socks require a specific fit . For this reason, the socks are adapted to the mechanical and anatomical characteristics of the situation. The socks must also be very tight so that they can neither slip nor crease can.

All of this could lead to unsightly pressure points and you cannot enjoy the ride for long. In any case, make sure that the snowboard socks are long enough to reach over the shaft of the boots. This way you can effectively avoid pressure points on the shin and calf.

Usually feature high quality snowboard socks over certain, particularly well-damped areas. These are usually both in the toe area and on the heel. A dampening of the Achilles tendon is also particularly popular with many providers.

For this reason, you should put on your snowboard socks carefully so that the Cushioning areas of the socks sit in the right place. At the latest with the first jumps you will appreciate this cushioning.

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Individual design despite maximum functionality

If you look around the snowboard socks market, you will see that many suppliers offer different designs for their socks. Here you can make the right selection for practically every style. The advantage is that the shape of the snowboard socks definitely follows the function.

This means that you can rely on the large and well-known manufacturers that the snowboard socks were developed with maximum functionality in mind and that these socks optimally support your foot when snowboarding.

Dry and warm feet with the right materials

If you spend a long day on the slopes, you can quickly run into problems with the wrong socks. Because either your feet and especially your toes will freeze over time, or at some point you will stand in sweat and no longer have a secure hold in your socks. Therefore, snowboard socks are the best choice in any case.

With the right choice of material, these socks offer the pleasant comfort that sweat is drawn away from your feet, while the material continues to keep your feet pleasantly warm. Among other things, this is important so that you can call up your performance throughout the day. Because feet that are too cold can not only be uncomfortable, but also make it difficult to control the board. Therefore, not only professional athletes use real snowboard socks and benefit from them.

Why too thick socks are not a good idea

If you are now wondering whether you should not e can easily use winter socks In order to save you the expensive purchase of real snowboard socks, we would advise against this idea. Thick winter socks may be comfortable and pleasant for a walk in the park, while sitting in the fresh air or in everyday life, but they offer something for your feet insufficient protection .

But especially are too thick socks a real problem in snowboard boots. Because the socks prevent you from closing the boot properly. That means that you are thus not in full control exercise on your board. If you slip a little in your socks, this can quickly lead to you crashing face first into a snowdrift. We therefore advise against such solutions in any case.

Can’t I just wear ski socks?

Of course, it is obvious that you are already in the household existing ski socks can carry. These usually also have very similar material properties, so that nothing really stands in the way. Indeed they lack the typical reinforcement in areas where snowboarders are particularly at risk.

That means your feet will be comfortable warm and dry stay, but you on the do without important damping have to. And if you are thinking of buying ski socks: high-quality ski socks are also in a similar price segment. As a snowboarder, you should better buy the right and suitable snowboard socks directly.

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How to properly care for your snowboard socks

Sure, snowboard socks are more expensive than normal socks, so you should take care of them properly even after use. First of all the most important things. After using the socks, you shouldn’t crumple them up, if possible, but hang them up straight. This maintains the elasticity of the material and also ensures that you ventilate the socks directly and get the moisture out of the socks. Of course, you don’t have to wash these socks every day, even if you wear them for several days in a row. Thanks to the merino wool, the socks do not smell in the first few days, so this is not a problem.

It is best if you only wash the socks by hand. The best way to protect the socks is with hand detergent in the sink and a subsequent clear rinse. Make sure to wash the socks inside out so as not to put more strain on the material.

You can of course also clean the snowboard socks in the washing machine. Again, you should turn the socks inside out. If possible, do not use temperatures that are too high and a wash cycle with few rotations. You should definitely avoid using fabric softener, as it can attack the material. Then hang dry the socks in the fresh air so that the fibers can relax completely again.

Conclusion: Snowboard socks make sports more enjoyable

To sum it up again in brief. Yes, snowboard socks are significantly more expensive than normal everyday socks, but they also have to be able to withstand considerable stress. Always choose the snowboard socks in the right size, which is based directly on your shoe size. A high proportion of merino wool is particularly good and ensures a pleasantly dry and warm foot. You should also pay attention to the reinforcement of the socks on the toes and in the heel area. Take care of your socks regularly to keep them as long as possible.


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