Hemp socks – Hemp the perfect natural fibre for stockings

More and more people are opting for hemp socks. Rightly so, because hemp is the perfect natural fibre for socks and stockings. Hemp fibres have many advantages: they absorb large amounts of moisture,are said to have an antibacterial effect and are very tear-resistant.

Hemp the perfect natural fibre for stockings

Hemp has excellent properties. Hemp socks are vegan socks and therefore ideal for appropriate groups of people and of course for anyone else who wants to benefit from the many advantages of the fiber.

Since no harmful chemicals are used during cultivation, harvesting and processing, the textiles are non-toxic and therefore the hemp socks are also the perfect choice for allergy sufferers.

Why is hemp wool something special?

Many are enthusiastic about the advantages of hemp clothing: it has great wearing properties and convinces with an optimal temperature control of the hemp fiber. There is no odour. The garments made of hemp remain fresh for longer than, for example, cotton fabrics. As a result, it is less necessary to wash.

Hemp textiles are soft and very comfortable to wear. They differ from ordinary materials in many ways. Textiles made of hemp wool such as hemp socks are among the most comfortable garments. They are always the ideal companions. This applies both in everyday life, in leisure and at work.

They are the perfect hiking or trekking socks. The hemp fibres are also very stable and therefore a raw material that is wonderfully suitable for the production of resistant textiles. The robust socks can therefore also be worn professionally for any job. They are very durable and durable.

Benefits of hemp stockings

Hemp stumps are a healthy alternative to traditional cotton, wool or synthetic fabric socks. The natural fiber does the foot climate very well. It has a special moisture regulation and can absorb a lot of moisture without sticking the socks to the skin. Compared to cotton, the hemp fibres can absorb up to 25 percent more moisture and thus prevent wet feet.

This is a very important advantage over conventional socks. Therefore, the stockings are the optimal choice, especially on hot days. In winter, they have great warming properties,so that the hemp socks are suitable all year round.

The antibacterial effect prevents an unpleasant foot odour. In addition, hemp fibres are very stable, resistant and dirt-repellent. Hemp is much more tear-resistant, absorbent and warmer than cotton. This makes the clothing made of hemp also ideal as work wear.

Another advantage are the pleasant properties of the stockings made of hemp. They are easy to wear and adapt well to the skin. The microelectronic tension of the fiber corresponds to the same stress climate of the skin, so that tensions are compensated and the hemp fiber does not charge artificially, quite different from synthetic fibers.

What is the foot climate really about?

Hot woman with hemp socks in bed
Photo: by Matheus Ferrero of Pexels

To even understand what it means when it says that hemp socks are good for the foot climate,as opposed to other materials, sometimes the following explanation:

In the soles of the feet there are many glands from which we release sweat. This is not only used for heat regulation, even if sweat is released with increasing temperature. The feet are in stockings and shoes for most of the day. This cannot be avoided, but it impairs healthy skin breathing and changes the natural skin climate, so to speak. The consequences are often a jam of sweat and at worst an unpleasant smell.

To avoid sweat yummy, the material of the stockings and shoes plays an important role. Hemp is particularly breathable and absorbs a lot of liquid and, unlike cotton, quickly dissipates it from the skin. This counteracts a sweat jam and odour formation, which makes hemp socks ideal even for “problem feet”.

How is the extraction of hemp fibres?

The hemp plants are harvested, roasted and dried to extract the fibres. During roasting, which is done by watering the hemp bundles, the binders are dissolved. The hemp is then dried and skinned. This produces pure fibres, which are gently processed into many textiles such as hemp socks.

Hemp fibres are more environmentally friendly

Hemp grows fast and thrives almost everywhere. The cultivation is much more environmentally friendly. Since the need for water from hemp is much lower than that of cotton, the hemp fibres prove to be advantageous in terms of eco-balance. The reason for this is that the hemp plant is deeply rooted, so that it draws the water from the deepest places.

The plant also does not need pesticides or other polluting substances for a good harvest at any time. It is inherently resistant to diseases and pests. Those who grow hemp therefore need no or hardly any pesticides. The plant grows fast and dense, so that weeds have little chance. This greatly reduces or even eliminates the use of weedkillers.

The roots, which sit deep in the soil after harvesting, usually remain in the soil and serve as fertilizer for subsequent plantings, so that no artificial fertilizer is required. All these positive conditions during cultivation and harvesting make hemp not only a renewable raw material, but also a largely unpolluted substance that is free of pollutants. For the skin, wearing the hemp socks means pure nature,one might say.

Care for hemp socks properly

The socks are very robust, which also has a positive effect when maintaining them. The hemp socks can be washed in the machine at up to 60 degrees,so that even stubborn dirt is unproblematic. The resistant hemp socks can’t be bothered by the tumble dryer, so they can be worn quickly after washing.

The 5 main advantages of hemp socks:

  1. Optimal foot climate
  2. Robust, durable, durable and tear-resistant
  3. High durability and easy to maintain
  4. Environmental compatibility and low energy balance
  5. Plant is very pest-resistant when growing

My conclusion about hemp socks

Hemp socks are the perfect choice because they are very comfortable to wear and ensure an optimal foot climate. The intensive absorption and rapid release of the moisture create a pleasantly fresh and cooling feeling,which is especially advantageous in the hot summer.

In winter, they inspire with their warming and cuddly properties,so that the hemp socks are the perfect choice for everyone all year round. The breathable stockings made of hemp reduce or prevent sweating and provide a special feeling on the skin. Everyone should replace their cotton socks with hemp socks. They are suitable for work, leisure and all activities. In addition, hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fibersdue to its excellent balance.


Hanfsocekn in bed: photo by Matheus Ferrero of Pexels

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