Why stopper socks are a must on every foot.

Stopper socks are an ideal companion – not just for children! The reason: They ensure safety on all types of smooth floors, for example on tiles or laminate. Learn more about the essence of the textile helpers, also known as studded socks, ABS socks or anti-slip socks.

Stopper socks for lively children: it’s worth it!

Anti-slip socks prevent your child from slipping on smooth surfaces. Under the soles of the feet, the unusual textiles have a special material that provides more grip in everyday life. Your child benefits from this advantage in various areas of everyday life, for example in kindergarten or daycare.

Here the little ones can take off their shoes and indulge in playing. It is well known that it is quite wild. But without a carpet under their feet, it is easy for children to slip away with ordinary socks. This increases the risk of injury. As a result, the children may also become more insecure and less confident.

With studded socks you protect your child, even if you are not in the daycare center. They allow the little rascals to run around to their hearts’ content. Even exuberant running while catching or running is possible. The reduced risk of slipping and the reduced risk of injury have motivated many parents to equip their children with stopper socks.

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Interesting facts about the cool studded socks

A certain Manfred Heuer invented the knobbed socks. He did this for his daughter, who was just learning to walk, and was already using machines to make it. The first variants on the market were available in Germany from 1987. The socks are available under many different names, such as:

  • ABS socks,
  • Anti-slip socks,
  • Brake socks,
  • Stop socks or
  • Racing socks.

Anti-slip socks are not only suitable for children, but also for young people, adults and pensioners. In some sports they are even indispensable today, especially in indoor and trampoline sports. In principle, every age group can use the socks for a safer everyday life – from the youngest on their first steps to senior citizens who value good support.

How do the knobs get on the socks?

The knobs under the stopper socks are either made of rubber, silicone or latex. These materials have the property that they do not slide on smooth surfaces. They can also be combined well with textiles, which is why they are well suited for the production of studded socks. They retain this property even after many washes or a long time in which they have been worn frequently. There is only a small amount of abrasion in everyday use or the loss of individual knobs.

There are different ways of making it. Many knobs are simply glued or ironed on. Simple socks are first made and then given the anti-slip coating. In other cases, the material is worked into the socks during manufacture. You can also make this type of sock yourself if you want. To do this, you take comfortable socks that fit snugly on the foot and work on them with a suitable non-slip material. You can find suitable sets for this in stores.

Are stopper socks suitable as a substitute for slippers?

Are you thinking about buying your child’s slippers? For various reasons, we recommend the non-slip socks. Many slippers come with a full-surface rubber coating instead of knobs as with ABS socks, but that’s too much of a good thing.

Children usually do not get along well with slippers and slippers. They have to fit snugly so that they stay on the foot and don’t accidentally slip off. But children’s feet grow very quickly. At the beginning of the wearing time, the shoes are usually too big and at the end much too small. The phase in which they fit exactly can be short, especially with younger children. Socks have the advantage that they fit well right from the start and that they grow with the foot for a long time without restrictions. This means that stopper socks do not take off on their own so quickly and stay where they belong.

Another reason why you should choose stopper socks over slippers is your child’s foot health. Shoes cushion when stepping on and cushion the footbed well. This increases comfort, but the feet and joints cannot develop completely freely. In order to offer your child good conditions for permanently healthy feet right from the start, you should encourage walking barefoot.

Running in socks is very similar to running barefoot and is an excellent alternative to walking barefoot on cold floors. At the same time, knobs under the socks prevent slipping and thus share an important property with the slippers. For all these reasons, we recommend stopper socks as a replacement.

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Insider tip: studded socks for the indoor playground

If the weather is not right, families like to go to the indoor playground with their children. Shoes are usually forbidden there because they leave unattractive marks on the floor and children can injure each other through the hard soles. But with simple socks, the fun is very limited and you can only give half as much gas.

If the children slide off their feet, it is difficult to really let off steam. Knob socks are therefore a kind of doping for the feet. They provide enough grip in the indoor playground so that the kids can be a little more active. Look forward to happy children who have good conditions to manage even the most difficult climbing games.

Sporty, sporty: stopper socks for yoga

Love yoga Perhaps you can make some yoga postures, the asanas, easier to hold with non-slip socks. Above all, the “downward looking dog” position usually leads to sliding problems, because even yoga mats can fail here.

Knob socks help you to prevent slipping. Ultimately, you will experience more security in your yoga practice and benefit from the exercises. In contrast to sneakers, the socks still offer you enough freedom not to lose contact with the ground.

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Practical tips: Proper care of your stopper socks

You should take good care of the stopper socks so that you can enjoy them for a long time. The most important rule for this is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Textiles are usually provided with washing instructions, which can be found on the packaging for socks.

Most of the time it is possible to wash the socks in the washing machine like other stockings. It is important not to turn the temperature too high. It is also worth washing the socks in a laundry bag so that they are protected from friction. However, the material of the knobs is not suitable for the dryer.

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