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Often underestimated, but of great effect for the next trail: the trekking sock. But what exactly makes this sock and why is it so important?

Trekking socks the ideal companion for outdoor and hiking sports

Many young, but also a lot of experienced hikers and outdoor fans have had to deal with sore, bruised feet sooner or later. Contrary to popular opinions, this is not always or exclusively the responsibility of the shoe, but also the choice of socks. The wrong stocking can be a disaster for the feet even in the best hiking shoe.

What are trekking socks?

Trekking socks are stockings specially designed for hiking and outdoor sports, which provide the feet with protection against friction and blistering. The special fit, the functional quality as well as the high-quality materials guarantee an excellent wearing comfort at all times, even on long tours.

The ideal material for trekking socks

Trecking socks snared while hikingSuitable trekking socks are often made from a special mix of materials that in many ways offers benefits for the foot. For example, a mixture of wool and synthetic fibres such as polyester or polyamide is most common in high-quality models due to its fast-drying, moisture-regulating and breathable qualities.

Wool also scores with its warming and antibacterial properties. Last but not least, a certain amount of elastane in the trekking sock is also advantageous. This keeps the foot flexible. Cotton socks are more likely to be discouraged. The natural material tends to store too much moisture and not dry quickly. With permanent stress, the trekking socks can lose their shape,resulting in painful blisters and bruised areas.

The fit

Trekking socks are characterized by their excellent fit. Shape-stable and precisely cut, they enclose the foot like a second skin. The mostly ribbed cuffs of the stockings guarantee that nothing slips. Not too far, but also not too narrow, the right model should sit on the foot to prevent scourge or not disturb the blood circulation.

The extras for trekking

Trekking socks in woolNumerous variants of trekking socks are now available on the market. In addition to the classic model, some products have also established themselves with additional details that promise greater convenience. For example, some products are equipped with padding at the much-loaded parts of the foot. This padding is particularly common on the heel to reduce the pressure of the hiking shoe.

Other trekking socks impress with their completely seamless workmanship. This method reduces the risk of scouring the seams of the socks. Even bumps attached under the sole of the foot are becoming more and more prevailing. They provide more support of the foot in the shoe. In addition, many models nowadays offer compression to promote blood circulation to the legs and feet even during long distances, thus protecting them from fatigue.

Why are trekking socks useful?

Due to their properties specially tailored to hiking and outdoor sports, trekking socks offer a particularly high level of comfort and protection for the feet. Thanks to the right fit and a suitable material, the trekking socks prevent painful blistering, unpleasant pressure points and also support the foot in the event of stressful challenges. At the same time, they regulate the foot climate, which helps to prevent undesirable moisture forming on the foot, which can lead to friction.

What to look for when buying trekking socks?

In addition to the impeccable workmanship of a high-quality material mixture, particular attention must be paid to the exact size of the trekking socks. While too large models often lead to blisters and slurs, too small trekking socks inhibit the blood flow to the feet, causing them to tire faster. Tip: Just try on products from different manufacturers to determine the correct size of the trekking socks.

This is not necessarily the same for every brand!

Extra features such as upholstery or pimples are primarily a matter of taste and are of varying popularity with ambitious hikers. Also about the length of the trekking socks can only be said that it should be compatible with the shaft of the hiking shoes. Whether they are made short or long depends only on personal preference. They should not be too short to prevent the friction of the shoe on the skin.

It is best to look at a selection of different trekking socks before you buy and find the best model for yourself, so that you can get off to a full start on the next hike!

Conclusion eyes on buying trekking socks

Not only the choice of the right footwear, but also that of the perfectly matching trekking sock is mandatory for maximum hiking fun. The right stockings can literally avoid bloody novice mistakes.

Thanks to the excellent moisture management, the right trekking socks ensure an optimal foot climate at all times and painful injuries, blisters and wounds are not possible. Particularly recommended are socks made of wool and functional synthetic fibre.

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