Kashmiri goats on the slope of a high mountain.

Cashmere socks – pure luxury for your feet

For many, cashmere socks are a little piece of happiness. Hardly any other material is more noble and promises such comfortably warm feet as the fibers of a noble goat native to the Asian highlands. Who are cashmere socks suitable for and what should be considered when caring for them? This article provides the answers.…
Skier on the slopes

Guide to ski socks – more fun with the right sock

Good ski socks are essential for a successful day on the slopes. After all, you want your ski boots to be comfortable, warm and dry when carving, waving and gliding. In the right ski socks, you should neither sweat nor feel uncomfortable pressure points. When you have found the right ski socks for you, you…
two girls play in stopper socks

Why stopper socks are a must on every foot.

Stopper socks are an ideal companion – not just for children! The reason: They ensure safety on all types of smooth floors, for example on tiles or laminate. Learn more about the essence of the textile helpers, also known as studded socks, ABS socks or anti-slip socks. Stopper socks for lively children: it’s worth it!…