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Every cyclist should attach importance to optimal equipment. In addition to the very important bicycle helmet, there are some garments that no cyclist should do without. Most cyclists first think of gloves, comfortable cycling pants and the right footwear. Unfortunately, not every cyclist thinks of the no less important bicycle socks, but this is a big mistake!

Bike socks are indispensable

When cycling, the feet have to work hard for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is essential that the feet stay dry and have an optimal grip in the shoes. Not only for extensive bike tours, but also for smaller excursions, it is advantageous for several reasons when matching bike socks are worn. The feet want to be guarded and cared for.

Cycling socks not only give the feet an individual style and can look a lot more than just good. They should be tight on your feet and also elastic. Only when the bike socks fit perfectly can the cyclists avoid scrubbing and blisters. Thanks to the existing footbed padding, the feet are protected from impacts and unpleasant pressure points.

Toes and heels require the greatest protection when cycling and therefore most bicycle socks have been reinforced accordingly in both areas.

Cycling socks for summer and winter

There are suitable bike socks for summer as well as suitable cycling socks for the winter. The feet are usually always prone to sweating and for this reason summer socks consist of an extremely breathable mixture of synthetic fibres. This regulates the moisture balance, supports the welding transport and allows the socks to dry much faster.

Cyclists who opt for socks with merino wool, Meryl skinlife or X-static-pure-silver socks benefit from additional antibacterial protection.

In the colder season and especially on days with temperatures well below zero, special bicycle winter socks should be worn. Both the feet and the ankles are extremely susceptible to the cold and should be protected by waterproof and wind-repellent wheel socks.

Waterproof GORE-TEX functional socks are particularly recommended. These keep the feet dry and quickly transport the sweat outwards. In addition, the functional socks can be combined with lightweight sports socks and thus the cyclists are optimally protected on every tour.

Waterproof bike socks – breathable, warm and dry

Cycling socks meet completely different requirements than socks worn for running or hiking. The feet have different pressure points in the bike shoes than in running shoes. Thus, the bicycle socks must be processed accordingly and consist of suitable materials.

Bike socks should always be breathable and additionally have padding in the heel and pedal area. Waterproof cycling socks are a good choice for cyclists who regularly ride in the rain or don’t want to bypass every puddle.

Most mountain bikers attach great importance to waterproof cycling socks. The socks have a waterproof and windproof membrane and as a result the moisture can no longer penetrate through the material. In the best case, the bike socks on the waistband still have a waterproof end.

This ensures that the water on the legs always drips down and cannot penetrate the socks. Most waterproof socks are worn on wet and cold days. For this reason, there are some manufacturers who have provided their socks with additional insulating materials. Waterproof socks with merino wool keep the feet of the cyclists not only dry, but also nicely warm.

Thermolite cycling socks

On cold and wet days, Thermolite bicycle socks are a very advantageous choice. The special material ensures on the one hand a high breathability and on the other hand has an insulating effect. It is not only softly padded in the area of the sole and also has a supportive stretch insert. This reliably prevents undesirable pressure points from occurring and can cause aching blisters to form.

Bicycle socks with Coolmax function

If temperatures rise again, wheel socks with a quick-drying fabric and a seamless design are suitable. The bike socks have additional mesh inserts and these provide good ventilation on the one hand and make the socks elastic on the other. The socks thus automatically adapt to the individual foot shape of the cyclist. The Coolmax function ensures that the moisture can be optimally dissipated.

Bike socks are made of the following materials:

  • Polyester: Provides high breathability, reliable stability and can be perfectly combined with other fibers
  • Polyamide: The synthetic fibres ensure excellent durability and are extremely durable
  • Elastane and lycra: These elastic synthetic fibres sit almost like a second skin on the feet, provide an optimal fit and additionally offer virtually unrestricted freedom of movement
  • Silk: Is an integral part of “Primaloft Silk” and allows the production of extremely thin bike socks with excellent thermal performance
  • Merino wool: The natural fibre comes from the merino sheep. It is odour-retardant and is characterized by a positive feeling of warmth and cold. In addition, the wool warms even when wet.
  • Meryl Skinlife: The artificial fibre has a large silver content and is therefore both odour-retardant and antibacterial

Combine cycling socks with a leg or knee warmer

Many cyclists use a leg warmer in the form of leg warmers or cuffs in addition to the bike socks on cold days. The leg warmers are commercially available in different sizes and lengths and can be perfectly combined with cycling socks. The soft fleece lining ensures good heat insulation and protects the legs from cooling down. Additional elastic silicone closures prevent the leg joints from slipping. For cyclists, who often ride in diffuse light conditions, reflective details on the leg warmers are recommended. Most knee warmers in the trade have an ergonomic fit and a practical right/left identifier. In combination with the anti-slip coating and the matching wheel socks, the riders benefit from optimal protection in all weathers. The practical zipper (located at the hem) makes it easy to undress and tighten the knee warmers.

Bicycle socks with compression

Compression socks are an integral part of running and the special cycling socks are also becoming more and more popular in cycling. In detail, these are high-cut socks made of polyamide, which usually go up to or even over the calf.

The compression socks are made of a limited elastic material and exert a constant pressure on the human tissue. Many cyclists appreciate the positive effects on the cardiovascular system and on the muscles. Cyclists who get back on their feet as quickly as possible during extensive tours and want to have as much power as possible should buy sporty compression socks.

These special cycling socks ensure that blood circulation is constantly stimulated and that the muscles do not tire so quickly.

More circulation provides more power

Bicycle socks not only have positive effects in terms of comfort, appearance or health, they can also improve cycling training. In the various areas of touring and road cycling, special cycling socks with a compression effect are mainly used.

With this special effect, the socks counteract gravity. As a result, the special cycling socks make it possible to circulate much better between the heart and the legs. This important feature means that cyclists benefit from the following positive effects:

  • increased blood circulation ensures that the body is optimally supplied with nutrients
  • thanks to the relief, cyclists have considerably more reserves at their disposal and this makes extensive cycling tours easier to manage
  • the pulse is significantly lowered by the compression socks during training
  • the visibly reduced energy shortage allows cyclists to improve their performance
  • compression reduces the risk of thrombosis and protects the health of the cyclist
  • due to the reduced physical exertion, cyclists need less time to regenerate

Matching bike socks for mountain bikes, city bikes and trekking bikes

It is not only the weather or the temperature that play an important role in the choice of socks. It also makes a big difference whether the cyclists ride on a mountain bike, a city bike or on a trekking bike. Regardless of the type of bike, no cyclist should do without special bike socks. Wheel socks should sit as comfortably and safely as possible and reliably transport all moisture generated to the outside.

Ordinary socks are mainly made of cotton and have neither an optimal fit nor the necessary breathability. After an extensive bike ride, the cotton socks are usually soaked by foot sweat. After several tours, the socks are usually worn out and no longer sit properly.

High-quality wheel socks are made of many different materials. These are used in different areas of the socks and have a targeted effect on the damping of the toes, on the safe fit of the heel and on the removal of the resulting moisture. Since the bike socks can be individually adapted to the needs and application range, they are optimally adapted to the requirements of mountain bikers, city bikers, trekking bikers and road bikers. Both cyclists and recreational athletes benefit from excellent durability and optimum efficiency.

The 10 best benefits of good cycling socks:

  1. provide the necessary comfort
  2. protect sensitive areas
  3. make extensive bike tours noticeably more enjoyable
  4. keep your feet dry when cycling
  5. have reinforced stress zones
  6. dissipate the resulting moisture outwards
  7. cool your feet in summer
  8. keep your feet warm in winter
  9. reliably prevent bubbles, pressure points and other problems
  10. improve cycling training sustainably

Find the perfect bike socks in stores

Thanks to the huge selection of different varieties, there are socks suitable for every taste and every bike. In the retail trade, not only bicycle socks for women and bicycle socks for men are offered. There are socks for mountain bikes, cycling socks for road bikes and special trekking socks.

Cyclists who don’t fancy boring colors, such as grey, white or black, simply opt for bike socks in colorful colors instead. These are anything but boring and also have all the important features. Especially cool are cycling socks in bright neon colours. These give the bike outfit a very special look and stand out in any case positively.

Regardless of the type of wheel sock, it should sit as optimally as possible. This ensures, on the one hand, the maintenance of health and, on the other hand, the positive training support. When buying socks, cyclists should pay particular attention to the fact that the bike socks are the correct size and have an elastic waistband. In addition, an additional waistband in the middle section is an advantage.

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