Socks made of bamboo viscose: the perfect fiber for breathable stockings

Socks made of bamboo, that sounds unpleasant for most consumers. But the processing of the bamboo fibres into soft bamboo viscose makes the difference between the rough raw material and the pleasantly breathable stockings.

Especially as sports stockings socks made of bamboo viscose are excellent. They do not have elastics, lie cool on the skin and prevent excessive sweating through their relatively coarse pores, under which the skin can breathe. This is what makes bamboo viscose so special.

Sustainable raw material: how bamboo viscose is created

Before the production of our stockings made of bamboo viscose is the long process of making the material. While consumers first think of the plant’s sometimes impressively large bamboo poles in bamboo, bamboo is mainly seen in the textile industry as a kind of cellulose porridge that can be processed into threads.

Bamboo is crushed until it resembles a kind of liquid. It is no different from fabrics such as polyester, which is made from petroleum, but is of course much more sustainable.

As a plant, bamboo is characterized by the fact that it grows particularly fast and can be grown without any pretentious demands. Although it likes moisture, it also grows quickly and immaculately on regularly moistened plantations. The advantage to cotton is also given. This is particularly susceptible to pests, which is why cotton fields are usually heavily pesticide-contaminated.

The soil on which the cotton grows becomes less fertile with each year of cultivation. Bamboo, on the other hand, can be harvested close to the ground to grow to the same height next year and knows only a few natural enemies. After the bamboo wood has been crushed into fine fibres and liquefied, the bamboo viscose can be formed, fine yarn that can be processed into many elastic and breathable garments.

Pleasantly airy: that’s why bamboo viscose is a very special fabric

Even if the pair of bamboo socks has nothing in common with the plant, the raw material alone ensures that they are something very special. On the one hand, pure bamboo viscose is antibacterial. Bacteria not only do not feel comfortable on the substance, they also lack the warm, humid climate, which usually leads to propagation. Regular stockings made of polyester, cotton and wool keep the foot warm.

That’s why the wearers sweat more and the sweat is impounded in the sock. No problem, because with daily or several daily changes of stockings and sports socks, the foot breathes again and again in between and at the next shower also the unpleasant smell disappears. However, the sock itself now contains bacterial traces that can spread as it waits for the wash. Bacteria and fungi also spread across the foot while wearing. Those who react with a rash or are prone to foot and nail bed fungus are better advised with bamboo viscose.

Although the fabric is woven from particularly fine yarn, it has excellent properties to dissipate moisture and allow air to flow to the skin. At the same time, he snuggles up to the skin. When ordering in matching sizes, bamboo fans can rely on the sock to always be just right. The stocking holds without rubber waistband, even if the sock is cut slightly higher. Whether it’s a sneaker sock or high stocking, there are no edges left behind from wearing.

Comfort: How socks made of bamboo are worn viscose

Especially for people who have previously mainly worn stockings made of synthetic fabrics, the switch to bamboo viscose is unusual at first. The socks feel a little denser and firmer when they cross. When you first wear it, they can still be a bit rigid. However, this feeling disappears during the first day. The socks adapt to the shape of the foot and do not immediately jump back into their old, narrower shape when they take off.

When wearing, the feet stay warm, but not too warm. The difference to polyester is noticeable, as less sweat is produced and the naturally occurring sweat is derived. The feet are noticeably drier, even during long hikes and strenuous sporting activity.

That’s why we offer socks made of bamboo viscose for every area of everyday life. From elegant monochrome business models to the warming sock for the climbing and outdoor area, bamboo viscose will be used to find every pair of stockings that will guide him safely through the day.

Maintaining bamboo viscose properly: This is important to note

Stockings made of bamboo viscose are particularly easy to care for due to their unique properties. The reason why many people wash underwear at high temperatures is that only in this way bacteria and fungi are killed. With the antibacterial bamboo viscose, this is not necessary.

A washing program at 30 or 40°C cleans the sock from all dirt particles. Liquid detergent is particularly suitable for bamboo, as the fibers react to abrasion, as it can be unintentionally produced by coarse-grained powder. However, most pods are unsuitable for washing the bamboo socks as they contain softeners. Softener interferes with the structure of the fibers. With natural fibres made of bamboo, it destroys the protective structure that makes the socks so comfortable and versatile.

Bamboo viscose stockings should not be placed in the tumble dryer. Here too high temperatures are generated and the stocking deforms. As a result, the socks become too big and no longer sit correctly on the foot.

Natural wear of the socks is normal, even bamboo stockings have a limited lifetime if worn regularly, but like all other socks can be repaired yourself if smaller holes occur. The best way to avoid wearers is unnecessary abrasion by prioritizing regular foot care such as removing cornea and cutting the toe nails. This is not only perfect for the sock, but above all protects the foot from infections and injuries.

Perfect fit: These stockings feel better made of bamboo viscose

Theoretically, all kinds of stockings can be made of bamboo viscose. However, we recommend the fabric especially for socks that do not last much longer than over the calf. Knee-high stockings and tights made of bamboo viscose do not feel pleasant on the skin for most wearers. In everyday life, high stockings made of bamboo are also too little elastic to give way to wide movements. So they rip faster or stretch so much that they don’t find a good fit later.

Sneaker socks and sports socks made of bamboo viscose are comfortable to wear and prevent excessive sweating. Calf-high stockings for outdoor sports and in winter can also be made from bamboo and fed with soft natural fibres to warm even better.

All around good: The 5 main advantages of bamboo viscose

  1. The socks adapt to the shape of the foot
  2. Bamboo is breathable, making the foot sweat less
  3. Stockings made of bamboo viscose are antibacterial
  4. Bamboo is a sustainable, ecologically sensible raw material
  5. Bamboo socks can be washed from 30°C and dry quickly

The offer is large, buy socks made of bamboo viscose online.


There is a wide range of stockings made of bamboo viscose. The raw material itself absolutely convinced me. The socks are durable and accompany the wearer for many years with good care. A decision for bamboo socks is also always a decision for a sustainable raw material that conserve the environment, without fossil fuels such as oil and with significantly less water resources than cotton. Now you can discover sports socks in modern bamboo socks and fall in love with the material!

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