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Sportswear by 2XU
One of the most popular and successful products of the 2XU brand are the tights for men and women.

The 2XU brand is native to Australia and has made a name for itself due to its development of sportswear. The use of new technologies in the production of materials has set new standards. The primary goal of the 2XU brand is to provide athletes with functional clothing that improves and promotes performance. New manufacturing mechanisms, high-tech fibers and extravagant design meet.

The function of clothing is the top priority at 2XU!

The method of compression, which has been tried and tested in medicine for years, is successfully integrated into compression clothing. Top athletes such as Ted Ligety or Jan Frodeno are supported by 2XU and are actively involved in the further development and improvement of sportswear.

Women and Man’s Tight by 2XU

One of the most popular and successful products of the 2XU brand are the tights for men and women. The compression clothing has a lot of characteristics and supports the athlete during training or competition. Especially during intensive activities, the tights optimally fold out their skills! The garments are powerful, elastic and breathable. The special cut and the integrated compression provide special support and ensure an effective oxygen supply of the stressed muscles.

Tights enclose the muscles and ensure faster regeneration in the resting vase. Different models, for different applications and requirements, 2XU offers you with a rich assortment! Compression top for women and men A compression top provides powerful support for the upper body. 2XU specializes in the production of such tops and is established in the sports scene thanks to its own seam guides and materials!

2XU has mastered the balance between finding the best possible support for torso, chest and shoulder muscles, biceps and triceps while at the same time offering complete freedom of movement. 2XU offers countless different models for different sports to the athletes in its range.

Running socks by 2XU

In almost every sport, such as cycling, running, football, tennis or ice hockey,you need good support under your feet. Of course, this requires good sports shoes, which are adapted to the respective activity and designed accordingly. Of course, a very important place is attributed to the socks!

2XU has made it its mission Compression socks that bring the athlete the best possible benefit. Running socks, for example, should reduce muscle soreness or prevent fatigue under stress. Even after the load, a rapid regeneration is very important.

The materials as well as the seam technique used are an essential part of the design of the matching socks with compression for countless sports, both for women and for men.

2XU an important star in the sports sky!

You are an athlete and need sportswear that not only looks great, but that actively supports you? At 2XU you will find sportswear and necessary accessories, such as gloves or hats, for almost any sport. You will receive clothing that has been designed and tested with great care and with the support of professional athletes.

Both women and men are served with a huge selection of shorts, long sleeve shirts, running shirts, running trousers, socks and much more. With the sportswear of 2XU, the function and the benefits are always in the foreground! Whichever sport you are interested in, high-quality sportswear is available at 2XU at fair prices.

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