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FALKE – a traditional brand of the family business of the same name

Falke is a company founded in 1895 by the former roofer Franz Falke-Rohen in Schmallenberg, Sauerland. He had in-depth knowledge of knitwear from work in a knitting shop, so he invested this knowledge in the own production of socks.

Falcon of stocking manufacturers with a long history of success.

The company survived economic crises as well as two wars and adapted the productions to the current events and the related needs of the clientele. Whether at times umbrellas or a wool and hair yarn spinning mill, Franz Falke-Rohen never lost his fondness for high-quality but affordable knitwear and primarily socks/stockings.

In addition to the stockings, he expanded the 1939 range to include fine tights and men’s outerwear, which is now sold under “FALKE Fashion” and now also includes women’s fashion and underwear. The Falke range also includes functional sportswear and various accessories.

Franz-Peter Falke and Paul Falke took over the management in the third generation at the beginning of the 1990s. In recent years, they have received numerous awards – including the Environmental Protection Award for Falcon Yarns in the “environmentally friendly products” category.

To this day, FALKE is one of the leading manufacturers of stockings and socks.

Running – high-performance running socks for high wearing comfort

Whether joggers or marathon runners, casual or competitive runners, in running, the feet are particularly exposed to heavy loads. The higher the load, the more the requirement for the ideal sock increases.

FALKE has developed running socks for runners in elaborate testing and testing procedures that are optimally tailored to the respective needs and performances.

Relief through targeted upholstery

In the foreground are special upholstery, which, depending on the load capacity, produces a dampening effect on the particularly stressed foot areas. This above all creates a relieving functionality and prevents the formation of bubbles.

For the casual runner, the RU3 line is suitable, which has an extra-strong padding, because the occasional running of the feet are particularly susceptible to the formation of bubbles. The protective pads provide maximum cushioning and relieve the foot where the load is highest.

All-round running socks are the RU4 line. It has medium-strength upholstery for ideal comfort in any position and offers good shoe contact to improve the running feeling.

With the RU4-LIGHT line, runners expect running socks with a light padding, which allows direct shoe contact, so that a good power transmission can take place.

An extra-light upholstery is given with the RU5 line. It has been specially developed by FALKE for tempo training and competitions. Maximum wearing comfort is ideally combined with direct shoe contact. This ensures immediate and undisturbed power transmission and unhindered feedback, which is important in competitive sports.

Good ventilation due to open porous knitting

Mesh zones on the upper midfoot (footrist) are openly porous knitted, so that the foot is pleasantly cooled and sweating is prevented. In addition, special functional fiber channels on the sole of the foot ensure optimal transport of moisture, so that the running socks as well as sweaty body effort ensure dry feet and running shoes

Especially the fit plays a decisive role for comfort and mileage for runners. Here Falke relies on anatomical fitsthat guarantee maximum wearing comfort.

Ski socks with special protection functions

FALKE ski socks are much more than just a warming footwear for cold days on the ski slope. FALKE offers an unbeatable range of different models, which differ from each other by different upholstery degrees and can be selected according to the respective requirements.

All ski socks are made of innovative material components made of silk or merino wool, so that maximum thermal insulation is achieved. In addition, the special material is due to an uncompromising transport of moisture as well as a rapid re-drying with optimal breathability. An optimal fit is guaranteed by the exact adaptation to the foot anatomy and guarantees the highest wearing comfort. Reinforcements on shin and calf provide additional protection and more stability. As knee socks, they keep the lower leg muscles warm.

FALKE ski socks with extra-strong upholstery are available for occasional skiing. The extra-strong padding protects the foot areas that are most stressed and are not used to this load. In this way, the feet are spared from painful blisters and pressure points.

Falke offers the right ski stocking for every level of performance

The SK2 models have been developed with strong protective pads for leisure skiers. They offer more control due to the better shoe contact and relieve the pressure due to a medium-strength damping of particularly stressed foot areas.

The SK4 series is just the thing for sporty skiing, because the lightweight protective pads support the ideal control and the direct power transmission possible.

The upholstery grades of the SK5 and SK6 are ideal for the particularly high standards of wearing comfort, control and power transmission. The upholstery is (extra) thin to provide maximum performance at competitions with special custom fit ski boots without sacrificing cushioning and upholstery protection.

Trekking and hiking socks by Falke

When long hiking tours are made through mostly rough areas, pressure points and bubbles on the feet are the main reasons for the trekking cancellation and a limited hiking pleasure. Even on longer city tours or extensive walks, the joy of it can quickly extinguish when the feet are exposed to the special strain.

To prevent this from happening, FALKE has produced special trekking/hiking socks that reduce the risk of blistering and pressure points to a minimum and ensure maximum wearing comfort.

Depending on the requirements and the load, different upholstery thicknesses can be chosen. Extra-light Upholstery protects feet during easy hikes and longer-lasting city tours.

During off-road trekking tours and on high-alpine expeditions, special protection of the feet is required. A graduation of medium-strength upholstery for light off-road tours, over strong upholstery for extended mountain tours, up to extra-strong upholstery plus thermal insulation for high-alpine expeditions offer ideal choices for every need.

In addition, falkE trekking socks meet the highest quality standards, so that they are characterized by long durability even under the heaviest loads.

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