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The merino wool stands out from other wools due to its very fine fiber diameter and its high resistance. And the probably most important reason why merino wool remains so,is that you do not scratch. These properties make them the preferred wool for sock making. Especially in sports and outdoors, socks made of merino virgin wool are becoming more and more important.

Golf socks – not just a question of optics?

This means that if the golf socks are not chosen appropriately, there can be pain, friction or even blistering on the feet. With the matching golf socks, however, which were designed exactly for this sport, even long walking and standing can not affect the foot.

Hemp socks– Hemp the perfect natural fibre for stockings

More and more people are opting for hemp socks. Rightly so, because hemp is the perfect natural fibre for socks and stockings. Hemp fibres have many advantages: they absorb large amounts of moisture,are said to have an antibacterial effect and are very tear-resistant.

Hemp has excellent properties. Hemp socks are vegan socks and therefore ideal for appropriate groups of people and of course for anyone else who wants to benefit from the many advantages of the fiber.

Trekking socks – The ideal companion for outdoor and hiking sports

Often underestimated, but of great effect for the next trail: the trekking sock. But what exactly makes this sock and why is it so important?

Many young, but also a lot of experienced hikers and outdoor fans have had to deal with sore, bruised feet sooner or later. Contrary to popular opinions, this is not always or exclusively the responsibility of the shoe, but also the choice of socks.

For years, it has been observed that more and more recreational athletes attach importance to professional and functional sports equipment. Hardly any cyclist who is not in a tight-fitting brand jersey and compression stockings – the urge for functionality has long since stopped even before Sunday trips by entire families. There are sports in which functional and professional equipment is essential, such as climbing or skiing. But what about grassroots sport?

Hiking socks – Which ones are the right ones for you?

Choosing the right socks should not be underestimated when planning a hike. So that you can enjoy your tour and feel really comfortableon your feet at all times, make sure that you fit well with you and the rest of your equipment when buying your hiking socks.

Yoga socks – deep relaxation with the right stocking

Yoga has firmly established itself in our society. As with most sports, appropriate sportswear is advantageous. Yoga socks are one of them. The offer is extensive and there are different types.

Especially in yoga, it is important to choose the right socksto meet the individual requirements. Before you buy, find out what to look out for so that your new yoga socks will bring you the best possible benefit.

With the right sports socks, you can get even more out of yourself.

Special sports socks are an essential part of good sports equipment. Whether skiing, running or hiking, sports socks are your faithful companion. They offer you excellent wearing comfort at all times and ensure a pleasant foot climate. Every sport is a different challenge for your feet.

When running, bubbles threaten, pressure points and cold feet when skiing. With the professional functional socks, the foot is precisely protected from the special load. Through upholstery in the socks, air-permeable and breathable fabrics and warming materials, the socks adapt to all the special requirements of your sport.

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