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X-Bionic / X-Socks and your corporate philosophy:
Eight times in a row the company X-Bionic, which stands above the brand X-Socks, won the title of “Most innovative brand”. This award is the world’s largest for technology, sports and lifestyle. This fact will certainly make the chief developer and head of the two brands X-Bionic and X-Socks,Prof. Bodo W. Lambertz, extremely proud.

He manages both companies under the motto “Without an idea, everything is nothing“. He wants to be revolutionary and future-oriented in functional clothing.
His companies are supposed to represent a perfect symbiosis between German engineering quality, Swiss precision and the Italian leadership of the traditional textile industry.

Portfolio of X-Socks

The X-Socks brand positions itself in a wide range of services. They serve the classic sports areas such as football, tennis and golf. However, the portfolio also extends beyond other headings. On the one hand, the areas, Nordic walking, hiking and jogging, but also the casual business area are covered. Winter sports and motorbikes, as well as special children and women’s lines can also be found in the product package of the socks and stocking manufacturer.

At X-Socks, nature is the model

The company sees nature as a model of functionality. The perfect adaptation is to be transferred to the functional clothing. Desert foxes, sharks and beavers serve as models of evolution that have adapted to all adversity. With innovative technologies, the company wants to make use of this art.

Production at X-Socks

X-Bionic, which manufactures functional socks and stockings, distances itself from production in low-wage countries. Quality is the most important criterion for the company. Production finds its home in northern Italy, which has always been known in history for its high quality in yarns and textiles.

The think tank is based in Switzerland, where the latest technologies are developed and implemented. The goal here is always to deliver the best quality for the company and not to be the cheapest suppliers on the market. Distributions continue to grow and more and more highly qualified and specified suppliers from northern Italy are added. In this way, the company intends to sustainably promote and expand its production site in Europe.

The history of X-Socks

The company has been researching and developing functional clothing for 12 years. It began with a revolutionary functional sock and from this developed ever wider divisions. The company compares itself to more than one company in the aviation industry than a company in the sporting goods industry. Research and innovative materials should remain the quality features in the future.

The X-Socks 3-phase sock system as a novelty

The first phase is the X-Bionic partial compression. Through these, the athlete should have even more power. The second phase is the perfect fit, by three different calf sizes, the perfect adjustment for each athlete is to be guaranteed.

The third phase is the perfect fit, as the sock has a visual position line and can therefore always be worn in the right place to perfect the functionality. You can also vary in compression with X-Socks. There are three different levels of compression. Fascia compression is the optimal compression for preventive strengthening and recovery.

The high compression leads to ideal compression during the competition. As a third variation, you can choose a medium compression, which can be used permanently for training and competition.

Conclusion to X-Socks

If you want to maintain the optimum quality in the area of functional socks, X-Socks is certainly a good idea. Quality, of course, also has its price, so you can spend 59 euros for the effector xbs.competition. The product range is very wide, so that everyone can find a suitable sock for themselves.

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